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May 6, 2010 / Lisa Stollman, MA, RDN, CDE, CDN

Five Things you can do to Lose 10 Pounds by the End of June

Summer is the time to enjoy the beautiful warm weather with family and friends. And also time to wear less clothes and maybe even a bathing suit!  If you have been wanting to drop ten pounds before the heat of the summer here are some tips to get you on your way. For good health you should not lose more than two pounds per week so ideally you could lose up to sixteen pounds over the next two months. By limiting your weight loss to one to two pounds per week you should learn to implement new habits to help you make this weight loss sustainable. Losing weight can help you look and feel great, but the key to long-term health is maintaining your achieved weight loss. Here are my five tips:

1. Keep a daily food journal. This will help you see where you may be overeatimg.

2. Weigh each morning before breakfast. Seeing your progress will keep you motivated. If you gain weight you may pay more attention to portion sizes and mindless eating.

3. Exercise at least 4 hours per week.

4. Snack on nuts. Limit nuts to 10-20 per snack. The fat and protein in nuts will keep you satisfied till your next meal.

5.  Fill up on  vegetables and/or salad at dinner.  Avoid seconds of protein and starches.


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